all menu items subject to change…

Our rolled ice cream is made with vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry  base ice cream, mixed with toppings of your choosing and frozen into a  flat bad and rolled to create a magical  experience in your mouth. The more creative you are with your  toppings, the better the experience.

Our sundaes are made inside of a cup, based with a brownie, or anything from our selection and topped with ice cream and repeated layers of such. Finished off with a nice scoop of vanilla, chocolate, etc. ice cream and a syrup of your choosing. sided with many candies and treats you may choose from our disposal.
Our smoothies are nothing short of interesting and tasty. With the option of mixing any flavor you would like from our selection, you also have the creative freedom to add in fruits or anything else you would like at our disposal. If you won’t get anything else, GET A SMOOTHIE.
Our special Yumm Yumm treat is something you just won’t find anywhere…at all. It’s a fresh and real mango bulk smoothie mixed in with milk, dates, honey, topped with fruits and all poured and mixed into a cup dazzled with raspberry syrup. Nobodies ever told us they didn’t enjoy this…just saying.
Milshakes. Who doesn’t enjoy these? We make all sorts of flavors of milshakes, the classics, the modern favorites and if you want, we can make a milkshake of your choosing! These are fully customizable as you have the option to add and subtract any ingredient you would like. You can never go wrong with one of these.
Our hot treats are just as amazing as our cold ones. Turkish coffee, Yemeni coffee, tea, and savory bread. All foods rooted deep in the essence of what made our home country’s culture so special and transitioned into the public for the world to enjoy. This is a irreplaceable experience when enjoyed correctly with the people you love.
Our baklava treats are hand picked by our staff, only serving the freshest, most delicious finger food you will ever eat. These are always enjoyed by our customers and if you do end up wanting to try them, you will not regret it.
Ice cream? Of course we have ice cream! All the flavors you can think of and then some, our ice cream is also extremely customizable with so many toppings and syrups to choose from, our ice cream is the blueprint of what makes dessert so amazing!